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12 years of development: How VironIT celebrated company’s establishment day

30.10.2016 Margaret Geras
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VironIT has celebrated its 12 years’ birthday. We’ve come into awkward age. Now, we are getting stronger. The more clients, the more projects, and the more work, the more impressions. It goes increasingly.

For the last year, we’ve managed to deal with customers from the USA, the UK, Australia, Netherland, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Austria. The projects were different: from small to big, from $10K to $100K. We honestly did our best.

Among our projects, we’ve done for a year, were 33 successful deals. 5 of them were rather big, that gave us much experience in productive collaboration. We also took the projects for outsourcing and outstuffing, dedicating developers on demand.

Now, it is time to relax a little bit and celebrate all our achievements.

Creating games we can’t lose an opportunity to play the game together in real life. Here, we are fighting, shooting in Qzar club. What a thing! The game dev team left its virtual reality and started to live in real.


Playing Qzar. Let’s fight!

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