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10 e-commerce recommendation engines to boost your sales

25.10.2016 Anton Kulich
10 e-commerce recommendation engines to boost your sales

The number of ecommerce websites is growing exponentially, while the assortment of merchandise sold in them is not. This leads to fierce competition for customer’s attention, and, ultimately, money. One of the ways to make a visitor pay attention is to wow them. Recommendation engines (or recommender systems) are an invaluable tool for predicting what the customers might want and making it effortless to add it to cart Although recommenders are particularly wide-spread in retail sector, they are equally efficient in other industries, such as travel retail, financial services, healthcare, etc.

Imagine you are buying a laptop. Most of the online stores will offer you a matching bag, a mouse, or a screen protecting film to go together with your main purchase. How do they know that you actually need these? Well, they don’t know for sure, but they use machine learning algorithms trained over huge volumes of data to be able to shoot the relevant complement based on the items you already picked.

In this article we will look at ten best and most popular recommender systems, will discuss their benefits and distinctions, as well as compare the pricing models.

Boomtrain (

Boomtrain is a comprehensive platform for retail marketing that uses artificial intelligence and applies collaborative and content-based mechanisms to ensure customization of deals and offers on a per-individual level.


  • Predictive window shopping – Boomtrain can analyze your visitor’s browsing behavior, see which pages are visited, where time is spent, etc. to help you advertise the most relevant products via email.
  • Abandoned shopping cart – three-fourths of customers intend to but the products added to shopping cart. Boomtrain can suggest relevant products matching the ones already in cart using artificial intelligence.
  • Dynamic retargeting – customize the messages you send to your regular customers based on the behavioral data collected by Boomtrain. The tool will tell you more about the person than their own psychiatrist.
  • Omni-channel – reach your users in places where they are most active. Boomtrain allows to send notifications and messages based on preferred means of communication. Crafting messages is a piece of cake with an intuitive drag and drop template tool.

Pricing: flexible

Softcube (

Softcube is a relatively young but already reputable turn-key solution for personalized recommendations primarily in retail sector. It seems to be intuitive and minimalistic, but promises to do the right thing, namely: collect customer data, apply proprietary algorithms to analyze it, and provide insights about the best way to approach each individual.


  • Self-improving algorithm – the more data the tool gets about a particular customer (as well as about the entire customer base), the more accurate the future recommendations will be.
  • Across channels – Softcube can reach your audience directly on the website, via email, text, and push notifications.
  • Increased sales – the company promises to boost your sales by 20% through the use of recommendations.

Pricing: free 30 day demo, then flexible.

Barilliance (

Barilliance is an all-in-one solution customizing your customer’s experience at every instance of interaction with your website.


  • Personalized retargeting emails – content of the email received by the customer varies depending on the abandonment reason.
  • Website personalization – your website will customize the offerings, messages, and notifications based on customer segmentation devised by the tool.
  • Live – allows to create a sense of urgency by showing real-time pop-up notifications.

Pricing: free demo, then flexible.

Strands (

Strands positions itself as an advanced personalization center with a pool of big-name clients (Disney, Panasonic, etc.) and tools covering multiple facets of online retail management.


  • Customer segmentation – Strands offers multiple segmentation options based on both behavioral and transactional data.
  • Advanced merchandising – flexible solutions for cross-selling and up-selling to increase conversion rates.
  • Email solutions – customized emails built based on historical data about the customer eliminate cart abandonment and drive higher click-through rates.
  • A/B testing – continuously test which design, layout, call to action or color works best for your audience across channels.

Pricing: free demo, then flexible.

Monetate (

Monetate is a great way to create, deliver, and analyze personalized experiences for your customers across multitude of channels.


  • Dynamic testing – this new feature will automatically allocate traffic to the best-performing split.
  • Open-time email personalization – emails are customized with the idea of when the customer will actually open and read them, not when they are sent.
  • Personalize beyond algorithm – you can add your observations and intuitive findings to the set of rules that are used to predict relevant recommendations.
  • Mobile app customization – Monetate empowers you to update, personalize, or test any part of your mobile app whenever you need it.

Pricing: free demo, then flexible.

Nosto (

Nosto is a crisp and user-friendly recommendation provider that will make your online retail marketing efforts targeted and customized.


  • Facebook Ads – Nosto can personalize your brand’s social media conversation based on the person’s browsing and behavioral data and put in directly into their news feed.
  • Behavioral pop-ups – use the stopping power of limited-time special offers or one-time discounts to turn the undecided into the ready-to-act ones.
  • Triggered emails – set the trigger events and Nosto will send personalized emails to the matching customers. Send order follow-up emails and “we miss you” emails to stay connected and remind about yourself.

Pricing: free 14 day demo, then flexible.

Guesswork (

Guesswork is an innovative recommendation startup company proud about their top-notch machine learning algorithm ensuring accurate recommendations and consistently high results.


  • Convert new users into buyers – dealing with first-time visitors is hard, because you have hardly ant data on them. These guts found a way to make relevant recommendations even for newcomers to your website.
  • Full autopilot – no need to segment users manually or set criteria for that, the magic will happen automatically.
  • Works without internet connection – when your mobile users have shaky internet connection, they will still get personalized suggestions and you will get otherwise lost sales.

Pricing: free demo, Standard package – 10% of conversion, Enterprise package – flexible.


Unbxd (

Unbxd is an elaborate recommendation suite designed for merchandisers and personalized for customers. It encompasses diverse aspects of online retail management in a single product.


  • True personalization – use the power of big data to learn the categories a visitor prefers, the brand they are affectionate about, and the price range they feel comfortable with; then cater to their exact needs.
  • Recommendation widgets – Unbxd features ten widgets for efficient cross-selling and up-selling, e.g. More like these, Brand top sellers, Complimentary products, etc.
  • Decision-driving analytics – use advanced dashboard to slice and dice in-depth analytics about conversions, click rates, and revenue. Get actionable insights at your fingertips in real-time.
  • WYSIWYG editor – Unbxd gives you the freedom to change the product title or a widget name whenever you need, without bother the IT support.

Pricing: free demo, then flexible.

Personyze (

Personize is a cloud-based scalable platform for content ad website personalization, customized messaging, and targeted promotions based on analysis of visitor characteristics.


  • Remarketing emails – win back customers by reminding them what they were interested in some time ago and re-attracting them with new tailor-made offers.
  • Multivariate testing – Personyze allows to conduct A/B testing with several moving parts on specific audiences, while the rest of the visitors see the original version.
  • Dynamic landing pages – each visitor will get what they will most likely like seeing based on behavioral data.
  • Promotions / Banners – target the right visitors with the right look and feel at the right time.

Pricing: free demo, Standard package – $249 a month, Enterprise package – $450 a month, Managed account – $899 a month.

PureClarity (

PureClarity is a personalization solution relying on advanced artificial intelligence to deliver focused experience to different target audiences.


  • Personalized search – the tool provides customized search results to the customer based on their browsing history, trending items, behavior of similar individuals, and a bunch of other factors.
  • Real-time personalized merchandising – the AI learns on the go as the customer makes another click or another pause, which allows to carve the next page they offer based on these latest actions.
  • In-depth reporting – over 100 metrics are intelligently analyzed to deliver meaningful patterns, trends, and dependencies capable of supporting your future decisions. Snapshot reports are visually engaging representations of key measures for each individual campaign.

Pricing: free demo, then flexible.

Summing up

The above ten tools are just a subset of all resources available for retail management, marketing, merchandising, pitching, and retaining customers. They all share the ability to figure out what this particular visitor is likely to need or want. And as there so many of them, they are trying hard to come up with some nice unique features to hook the clients that would really value such complements. So, once you know which bells and whistles your business will benefit from, you will easily find the perfect match in the list above.

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