C++ development

C++ is a language of broad applying. It is actively used for software development, being one of the most popular programming languages. C++ is often applied to develop operation systems, drivers, applications for the inbuilt systems, high-performance servers, games and other entertainment applications. There are several variations of C++, as free of charge as commercial building platforms. Wondering that C++ has impacted on Java and C# primarily.

What software we create with C++

Audio, Video, Image Processing Software

We help you to develop custom algorithms for specialized tasks like analysis of images, 3D-modeling, pattern recognition, data compression, signal processing and medical imaging.



Cross-Platform Applications

Our С++ developers can make advanced software applications for portable devices as well as desktop versions.

Software for Specific Hardware

Sometimes, our clients need to develop software for unordinary equipment such as plug-and-play gadgets and peripheral devices running on a proprietary OS. It may be usable for  real-time interchange and configuration software, firmware updating applications, POS devices integration, smart home,  industrial automation and sensor data scanning.


Project manager leading the C++ technology


Anatoly Greben

Experience: 6 years

Related specializations:

mobile development, web development, game development (PHP, Symfony, ZEND, YII,  iOS, Android, Xamarin, Unity 3D, Cocos 2dx, C/C++, C#, Python)

Managed teams up to: 20 persons

English level: Upper-Intermediate

Look at our C++ cases

Example of the code


The code is responsible for implementation of AI for a Unit which fights against a user. Simple simulation for more user engagement.


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