Android development

Android is a wide platform for mobile development because a product of any field can be presented as a mobile app. Today, about 70% users have phones on Android. Such gadgets are cheaper than iPhones, therefore they are popular, and therefore, there is a tangible competition on app stores for Android.

What software on Android we create


Business Apps

Mobile apps for business gain popularity on Andriod as well as on iOS. Almost every small or big business tries to present itself or its services via mobile apps. Here, app stores become an efficient tool for promoting. We could develop an app on medicine, finance, e-commerce, etc.





Mobile game development is a leading branch in IT. Games help to promote services and products, can even earn money for their owners. Game outsourcing companies look for contractors for projects. So, if it sounds familiar to your references, be free to contact us.


It can be corporate, social messengers, and some apps for feedback with clients. For example, we created a chatbot for Telegram.



Internet of Things

A new interesting and beneficial sphere in IT is IoT development. We develop software for inter-networking of physical devices connected with each other.


We also create different tracking apps for Android devices. For instance, one of our projects is a geolocation app for Ukraine.

Project manager leading the Android technology


Maxim Ravgen

Experience: 5 years

Related specializations:

management of small and large projects, mostly mobile applications, work with Agile technology, mostly Agile Scram; more than 40 completed projects.

Manage max quantity of persons: 25

English level: Upper Intermediate

Look at our cases on Android

Example of the code

The code is responsible for several functions:
  • View for displaying a list of questions and answers.
  • View for refreshing a list of questions and answers.
  • Presenter for business logic.
  • Adapters provide a binding from a data set to {@link #mRecyclerView}.
  • Creating an instance.

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